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RehaCom software for computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation and brain training for the UK and Irish market. RehaCom is the market-leading professional software solution in Europe and Asia for cognitive rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury. This is relevant to Stroke, MS, Parkinson's, Traumatic Brain Injury and Schizophrenia. RehaCom is a professional tool for the therapist but can be safely used at home by persons seeking cognitive improvement.


RehaCom Software UK & Ireland

RehaCom software is the professionals choice for computer-aided Cognitive Rehabilitation.  It offers class leading performance for use in clinic or at home.

Quick Overview

RehaCom software - developed and refined by Hasomed GmbH over 25 years and now used in 95% of German rehabilitation clinics. RehaCom enables evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation by making efficient and effective use of software technology.  Today we use RehaCom in rehabilitation for stroke, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, Schizophrenia and many other conditions that affect brain function. 

Whether a healthcare professional or a potential user you should seriously review what RehaCom can offer you.  

Over the past decade, leading scientists have begun to uncover details the brain's ability to recover from injury, or "neuroplasticity".  As understanding of the brain's functions have increased, the medical field has created therapies such as RehaCom that can stimulate recovery and brain functions to perform at their maximum capacity.  Other programs just train various skills such as reading, math, or time management. RehaCom acts on a different, more fundamental level.

Substantial benefits: RehaCom's approach is specific and effective. Other companies make wide claims, but they are vague about the specifics of what is being improved.  Check out the topics from the main menu above to learn more.

Here is a quick video introduction. There are more videos featuring some of the training modules at the Video link of the main menu.

Can I use RehaCom?

Neuropsychologists and therapists use RehaCom as a powerful adjunct to their approach for working with clients.  It's simply an unrivalled tool for training and assessment. Individuals recovering from a brain injury can also use RehaCom safely and effectively but we recommend this takes place with guidance from a professional whenever possible.

RehaCom can help restore our ability to pay attention or concentrate, perform various memory and planning tasks, help with visual field issues and much more.

RehaCom can be used, for example, even at a very acute stage of stroke recovery - and remains relevant through all stages of stroke recovery.  It is also an excellent tool to help with aspects of Visual Neglect.  Training modules can easily be selected based on a cognitive assessment or by using the growing number of  RehaCom Screening Modules.

Is this a Game?

Calling RehaCom Brain Training - or Exercise for the Brain - or even "brain jogging" - is misleading as RehaCom was conceived as a precision tool to help those recover following a brain injury.  RehaCom was not designed as a game but it is just as interesting and is certainly as engaging as one. This software was shaped by neuropsychologists and therapists to lead the way in cognitive therapy.

Is it Expensive?

The pricing models mean that effective training can be delivered very inexpensively. For example, for an individual working at home the cost of training can be as little as £1.37 per hour.

RehaCom is offered here in three packages as "standard" that met the needs of professionals or just individuals needing help.  RehaCom can be configured for professionals working with

  • many clients or just the occasional one
  • clients Inside an organisation or in the community
  • clients face to face or via telehealth technology

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WHy RehaCom?

  • Consists of 20+ computerized therapy modules to improve cognitive functions
  • training modules automatically adapt the training tasks to the user's level of performance
  • OPTION - 9 Screening Modules
  • Used by 95% of German Rehabilitation clinics
  • Evidence-based, clinically tested.
  • Developed and refined over 25 years of research and clinical practice
  • Fulfils treatment needs of Stroke, MS, TBI and other cognitive functional disorders
  • Therapy can be performed in 20+ languages
  • RehaCom is classed as a Medical Device

The cost of 5 months training works out at just £1.37 per hour

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Our brains are naturally wired to be inspired and RehaCom can be the inspiration following a brain injury

Newest Clients in the UK and Ireland?

  • University of London
  • University of Limerick
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust
  • Pars Medical Ltd
  • Norwich Community Hospital
  • Colman Centre, Norwich
  • Neurocog, Newcastle
  • University of Bath

Plus private users

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RehaCom is the premier software for professionals working in the field of cognitive rehabilitation

RehaCom Software for Cognitive Rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury

RehaCom Software for Cognitive Rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury

UK PHONE: 0141 628 6798

IRELAND PHONE: +353 1 254 4367

Note: Cognitive rehabilitation should not be confused with cognitive behaviour therapy.  Cognitive behaviour therapy (also known as cognitive therapy) is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role of thought patterns in moods and behaviours.