Bike Labyrinth - Enriching Movement with Interactive Bicycle Tours


Bike Labyrinth offers interactive, virtual, bike tours intended for people for whom a bike ride outside is no longer an option.  You know how it is - Motivating elderly people to exercise more isn’t always easy.

Bike Labyrinth is a console that enables people to take interactive bike tours through cities and nature, at home or around the globe - more than 200 routes at the moment and growing.

The screen displaying the landscapes is connected to an exercise bike, powered hometrainer or other exercise machine. When the cyclist stops pedalling, the tour pauses on the screen. The images are realistic and there are specific points on the tour where the cyclist gets to choose in which direction to continue. That makes it possible to go on a journey of discovery in a safe environment!

Residential care centers are using Bike Labyrinth to make indoor cycling on an exercise bike more pleasant.  Senior care consultants likes to see how the residents enjoy themselves while virtually cycling through European cities:

Bike Labyrinth is a simple concept, beautifully executed, that greatly increases the joy of exercising and thus contributes to quality of life.

It's not just a passive movie experience. At many intersections you can turn left or right within the tour, allowing you to explore one of the hundreds of routes in many different ways.   Routes can be selected with the sounds of passing traffic and children playing to enhance the cycling experience - or maybe you prefer the sounds of nature.

The realistic cycling experience immerses people in the interactive bike tours. People with mild dementia benefit from the tours as well. You see them flourish when they recognize the city where they grew up. It is a rediscovery of the world they may never see again in real life.

More detailed information about Bike Labyrinth can be found below.

Using technology to enhance exercise with Bike Labyrinth

Using technology to enhance exercise with Bike Labyrinth

Exercise Boring?

When you really think about it exercise is important but can be boring. For disabled or elderly care situations, getting effective exercise outdoors can be challenging. So how do we to make exercise STIMULATING and HEALTH GIVING?

When I saw Bike Labyrinth for the first time I was surprised at just how compelling it was.

The Origins of Bike Labyrinth?

Bike Labyrinth is an innovative product based on original research in the Netherlands. Its a product that enables people using exercise bikes to make virtual and interactive cycling trips through cities and nature reserves at home and abroad.

The complete system consists of a large screen HDTV, a tiny computer mounted on the back that holds the extensive route data and some sensors. A crank sensor and two handlebar sensors. 

With this system, the UK & Ireland user can choose from around 200 routes of varying length and environment types.

The screen on which the cycling routes are shown is very simply connected to any exercise bike trainer with pedals.

Start cycling and the benefits of Bike Labyrinth are clear.

Watch the sights and sounds of your route go by as you exercise.  If you stop pedalling, the cycle route also stops on the screen.  If you speed up - the scenery goes past rather faster. 

The images are lifelike and at moments of choice you can choose. which way to go with a single press of a switch. This way sany user can go on a voyage of discovery in a safe environment!

Benefits and features

  • The realistic cycling experience encourages people to exercise for longer
  • More than 200 bicycle routes at home and abroad - more added every year
  • Cycle routes through a familiar environment can evoke memories - promoting congnitive benefits for the elder client.
  • Noises from passers-by, birds and traffic enhance the bicycle experience. Or just pick a quiet route if the mood takes you
  • Choices along the way give the cyclist a sense of autonomy.
  • Bike Labyrinth can be connected to ANY existing exercise bike or other passive/active exercise trainer with a crank
  • Bike Labyrinth is easy to operate with just two buttons.

This short Video gives just a hint at the flavour of the imagery

Bike Labyrinth supports memory and aspects of cognition for elder care

Interactive Bicycle Tours

The user experience is really engaging offering very high quality video, a choice of over 200 routes and simple to operate

Your route could be a leisurely cycle ride through your hometown, a cycling safari among wild animals, collecting memories in your native village, or a city trip to Rome, New York or Paris: with the Bike Labyrinth the world is at your feet!

Choose one of the routes and within a few seconds you will be cycling in your favourite environment. At intersections you can even decide which way to go. If you don't care to decide, the system will choose for you.

Who uses Bike Labyrinth?

Bike Labyrinth is widely used in Home Environments, Care for the Elderly, Care for the Disabled, Rehabilitation Centres and Hospitals.

The aim from the beginning was to generate a realistic cycling experience that makes cycling on an exercise bike much more attractive.

The bicycle routes on the screen provide recognition, distraction and conversation material, so that people can cycle longer and improve their fitness in a relaxed manner.  Bicycle labyrinth increases the pleasure of exercise and contributes to the welfare of people.

Bike Labyrinth Unlimited (Order Code FLZG)

The Unlimited offer consists of a  minicomputer with Bike Labyrinth software, operating set and a subscription with 2 years unlimited access (offline) to more than 200 cycle routes. 

After a year you will receive an updated disc with new additional routes. 

Annual Subscription (after 2 years) (Order Code GFA)

After 2 years from the purchase of Bike Labyrinth Unlimited you can renew the subscription for a further year.  You would pay the applicable subscription price. If you stop the subscription, access to all the expanded bicycle routes will be cancelled. Your 12 favourite routes will always remain on the Bike labyrinth. 

Extra Control Set

The control set for an additional exercise machine allows you to connect two bikes positioned next to each other to a single Bike Labyrinth unit.  If you have one Bike Labyrinth Unlimited and exercise bikes in different rooms the extra control set allows you to move the television and enjoy Bike Labyrinth in these rooms.

To use Bike Labyrinth we suggest a

  • 43 inch or larger HD TV screen which can be either wall-mounted or on a mobile TV stand
  • an exercise bike appropriate to your situation - this may be a standard exercise bike or a passive/active bike such as the Reck MOTOmed or Thera range

This offer does not include the exercise bike.

Contact Us to request a Quote - NOTE: We support clients in the UK and Ireland only. Outside of this region we will connect you to your nearest distributor.

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