Improving hand function with RehaDigit and CarbonHand

Just a few years ago I would have said that there was a shortage of products that could help with problems with arm and hand function following a stroke, after trauma or with MS. To some extent the pendulum has swung the other way now and there are a wide range of products that are aimed at improving hand and arm function in rehabilitation situations.

I used to get phone calls all the time from persons who would say,

“I had a stroke and I got some therapy to help with my walking but no one paid any attention to my arm or hand - do you have anything that might help?”

Of course my answer was always to say, in the nicest possible way…

“You are starting in the wrong place! Don’t think about a product just yet - you need a proper assessment and then you will probably need to have intensive therapy that uses particular products”

Sadly I would say that despite the expanded range of products now available, people in need typically do not get adequate therapy. This might be because therapists in the NHS are not able to offer the time or the strategy that would make a difference. Private therapists may not have access to the ideal technology to suit every situation.

As a company we are offering two great products for the hand - a therapy product (RehaDigit) and an assistive product (that can also have a therapeutic effect) - the Carbonhand.

These two products are novel and very effective for the right type of clients but they are no more the only answer to hand problems than anything else on the market. Let’s take a look at the RehaDigit in this article and see how it fits into the spectrum of therapy possibility.

Indications and therapy aims

The figure here shows some common indications that require hand and arm rehabilitation surrounded by particular therapy aims.

RehaDigit is a motor operated medical device. It mobilises fingers that for a variety of reasons have a limited degree of motion and it treats muscle and tendon shortenings.

RehaDigit potentially addresses a number of therapy aims:-

  • Restoration of natural motion sequences of the fingers

  • Mobilisation of fingers that have been restricted in function

  • Reduction of muscle tone when spasticity is an issue

  • Lengthening finger muscles that have become shortened

  • Activation of sensory perception

RehaDigit is an effective hand rehab device

How does RehaDigit work?

The functionality is based on three components: The vibration unit improves sensation and circulation of the hand and reduces spasticity. The therapy shaft moves and stretches every single finger in gentle way that patients like. A pressure roller ensures the correct position of the fingers. In addition, the circulation is increased and stretching is supported.

Why RehaDigit?

RehaDigit supports intensive therapy with a unique operating principle. No other device provides such a specific sensomotoric component. Studies confirm the effectiveness of therapy with this device which is often used prior to one-on-one work by a therapist.

RehaDigit cannot provide all the functions potentially needed for hand rehabilitation but it does have a great impact on many of them.