Introduction to the Carbonhand

The New Carbonhand is a soft robotic assistive device

The Carbonhand is the new, improved version of the SEM Glove (Soft Extra Muscles for You).

Carbonhand is a smart, wearable assistive aid to improve 'grip ability' when this has been weakened by illness or trauma.

People may suffer from impaired grip strength for countless reasons, such as muscle and nerve damage, muscle diseases, rheumatism and pain.  

The Carbonhand strengthens the grip and either compensates where power is lacking, or adds extra force and endurance.  

Using leading edge "soft robotics" the Carbonhand is a product that needs no training to use once it is set up and yet is life changing for the the right user. 

You could describe Carbonhand as a bionic glove based on cutting-edge technology.  Being a hybrid between a wearable, assistive product on one side and a strength-enhancing exoskeleton on the other, makes it a unique medical device.  It is part of the next-generation medical aids that combine the best of two worlds - medical research and groundbreaking mechatronics (technology).

What does Carbonhand consist of?

Carbonhand consists of a thin glove available for left or right hands and in a range of sizes.

The glove covers three fingers (thumb, middle and ring finger) and is connected to a lightweight battery powered external (servo) control unit that can be worn over clothing.

Carbonhand can easily be personalised by using the Carbonhand app that is available free of charge via the App Store or Google Play. The combination of hardware and software makes the Carbonhand unique.

Who Should Use it?

The Carbonhand is a medical device designed to be used by any person with a weak grip.  People may suffer from impaired grip strength for countless reasons, such as muscle and nerve damage, muscle diseases, rheumatism and pain. The product strengthens the grip and either compensates where power is lacking or adds extra force and endurance.

Carbonhand - wear it and forget it

Who Can't Use it?
The main reason that the product would be ineffective is a complete paralysis of the hand. The sensors in the fingers respond to the user's intention and ability to apply pressure to the object being gripped. If the person can't use the fingers at all, the device cannot sense the users intention.

How Do I Try it?
We first must assess if the device is suitable for you. If it is, we will be able to adjust the settings so they suit your current grip issues.  You will wear a snugly fitting glove on your affected hand.  The thumb and two fingers have pressure sensors in the tips that are essential to the glove's function. A cable bundle connects the glove to a control pack that sits, for example, on your belt. Rechargeable batteries deliver around 8 hours use.  Because the sensors in the glove operate based on touch pressure, you can wear another protective glove over the Carbonhand if necessary for, let's say, a particular work situation.


UK Pricing is based on a Euro exchange rate with a system package of a control unit, appropriate size glove, batteries, battery charger and manual currently costing around £6,000.  As the price will vary with the exchange rate please check with us for accurate price information.

Features and Benefits

  • A personal power aid for people with a weak grip or impaired hand function

  • Makes it easier to carry, grip, lift, pick up and hold objects - reduces the fear of using or relying on the hand's power

  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight and unobtrusive to wear - makes it easier to do the things you need to, without restricting other function

  • Ensures a strong, sustained grip - perfect for those who require consistent function for work tasks

  • Long life rechargeable battery - Covers 8 hours of average use with quick recharging facility

  • Suitable for home, work and leisure activities - you can use it however and whenever you need to!