NeXus Biofeedback Technology

We are pleased to be working with Mind Media BV in the UK and Ireland - A world leader in the field of physiological monitoring,  biofeedback and neurofeedback technology featuring the NeXus 4, Nexus 10 and NeXus 32 units.

We serve a wide range of research, health care, sport and human performance applications. We provide sales and support for the NeXus range of biofeedback systems as well as their range of precision sensors and consumables.  In addition, we aim to provide both introductory and advanced training courses and training facilities.

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The NeXus systems are an advanced and wireless series of multi-modal devices optimised for biofeedback, neurofeedback and physiological data acquisition. The NeXus systems can measure a wide range of different parameters simultaneously, like brainwaves (EEG), muscle tension, heart rate, eye movement, skin conductance, temperature and respiration.

Currently, there are three different NeXus systems available: NeXus 4, NeXus 10 MKII and NeXus 32 (named after the number of channels supported). All devices are Certified Medical Devices and are high performance designs intended for professional use.

The three different NeXus systems have different specifications. Depending on your needs, whether you are a clinician or a scientific researcher, there is always a suitable NeXus solution.