Introduction to RehaCom

RehaCom software takes advantage of neuroplasticity to help with cognition difficulties that can arise with many types of brain injury. RehaCom enables the therapist to utilise evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation by making efficient and effective use of software technology. 

RehaCom is designed as a powerful tool to help therapists restore a patient's ability to pay attention or concentrate, perform various memory and planning tasks, help with visual field issues and much more.

Developed in Germany by Hasomed GmbH where it is used by 95% of clinics involved in brain injury - it's now available around the world.  RehaCom has the breadth, depth and pedigree to be the most widely used system of it's kind around the world.  A Microsoft Windows application.

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Features & Benefits

  • Covers all stages of rehabilitation - RehaCom uniquely can be used from the acute stage of injury, right through to higher executive function levels of performance.

  • Scope of application - RehaCom provides highly effective therapy for patients with cognitive deficits resulting from stroke, TBI or degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and more

  • 29 specific training modules - training modules cover attention, reaction, memory, executive function and more

  • More than 21 languages available - the client can work in their native language

  • Auto-adaptive - the software automatically adapts the difficulty of the tasks based on client performance. The system is designed to provide tasks which are interesting and challenging without causing overwhelm or frustration.

  • Depth of content - The software's depth of content is unmatched. Whether cognitive deficits are mild or severe RehaCom can be used with confidence.

  • Clinically Proven - over 25 years of research by neuropsychologists have gone into RehaCom's making

  • Teletherapy - clients can work remotely from their own home by downloading their prescription from the server

  • Licensing - flexible and cost-effective licensing for large and small organisations.

    Client Specific Data - some modules can be updated to include the clients own imagery eg family pictures

  • 9 Assessment Modules - screening modules can guide you to deliver the most effective training and help monitor progress

  • Comprehensive reporting - RehaCom can generate detailed reports on client performance and trend

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